The Uses of Tapioca Starch

In addition to its cooking uses, the pearls have been used to starch clothes by boiling the pearls with the clothes. Tapioca is a grain- and gluten-free product that has many uses:

Adhesive and Glue Industry

Tapioca Starch is popular in the adhesive industry due to its appreciable binding capacity due to its high viscosity sticky properties when mixed with water or certain chemicals.

Food Industry

It is used to reduce manufacturing costs because of its efficiency as a thickener. It is also used to delay the melting of ice cream.

Textile Industry

It is used in thread process in order to reduce friction and fraying. It is also used to increase flexibility of the thread generated.

Other applications

In the paper industry, it is used to increase the elasticity and concentration of the paper before the pulp is pressed into sheets.


There are not many documented cases of allergic reaction to cassava or tapioca. However, people allergic to latex may experience allergic reactions due to cross-reactivity. That means that your body mistakes compounds in cassava for allergens in latex, causing an allergic reaction. This is also known as the latex-fruit syndrome.